Our People & Promise

At Prodigy Painting we believe in developing a trusted relationship with our clients, and that means giving you the best possible interior and exterior painting experience with added peace of mind. We guarantee our work and provide a warranty to ensure longevity and market value for properties within your portfolio. Prodigy Painting is an accredited applicator for all major paint manufacturers assuring our clients eligibility to take advantage of the ten to fifteen year warranty offered by our chosen manufacturer. Prodigy Painting carries a $20 million Dollar Public Liability cover, all workers and sub-contractors are A.B.N. registered and have the required insurance as part of their engagement.

Environmentally Responsible

Dulux Enviro Solutions is the latest example of Prodigy’s commitment to minimise the environmental impact of paint products.

homeWaste management is an area of significant importance, and the Waste Paint Hardener supports the painting and decorating industry in meeting environmental responsibilities.

The new Enviro Wash System is an innovative, water based treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal. The first of its kind in the Australian market, the patented Dulux Enviro Wash System provides an environmentally responsible way of washing out painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, and minimises the negative impact of traditional paint waste disposal methods.

The Paint Hardener system is the fast, responsible and easy way to dispose of unwanted water based paint and water based timber coatings. It provides consumers the opportunity to remove paint from the paint container, ensuring the container is paint free and can therefore be easily disposed of in recycled waste.

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